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Configuring ADP Payroll Export

Make payroll easy by exporting your payroll report in a format that can be easily imported into ADP payroll services!

Let's start out by configuring the necessary elements for ADP.  First, we need to add department codes for each job type.

Navigate to Manager Home > Configuration > Employees 

Select a job type name.  Enter the department code used by ADP in the department code field.  ADP requires this be a 6 digit code, so enter leading 0s if needed.   Save your changes and complete for all job types.

Now, click the Timeclock & Payroll link at the top to configure the Payroll Export section. 

  • Payroll Export: Select ADP from the drop down
  • Company Code:  Enter the company code provided to you by ADP
  • Batch Description:  Enter if provided by ADP
  • Tips Code:  If you want to report tips per employee, select the earnings code ADP specifies for you to use.
  • Driver Fees Code:  If you want to report driver fees per employee, select the earnings code ADP specifies for you to use.
  • Server Sales Code:  If you want to report total server sales, select the Memo, if ADP Is set up to accept this information. 
  • Server Sales Code
Save your changes.

Exporting Your Data

Now, to export your file for ADP.   Navigate to Manager Home > Reports > Labor > Payroll and run it for the time period you wish to export.

Click on the Export button to the right of the date selector.  
You will see an "Are Your Sure" confirmation, click Yes.
Then you will see the Export options.  Depending on the browser you are using, this may appear different. 

Notice the file name -- this is formatted specifically for ADP and must remain as is.    If you've previously exported the file on this machine, you should delete or rename prior versions so that your current file can retain the proper name for import.

Choose "Save File" and choose OK.

Note:  If you are exporting from a POS workstation running in Kiosk mode (full screen browser) you may not get the export prompt. This is a security feature of Kiosk mode. You will need to run the export from safe mode in your browser or from another workstation that is not configured to use Kiosk mode.  

The Exported File
This is what the file will look like when generated:

You can now import this file into your ADP payroll program.

Got questions you can't find the answer to here? Let us know so we can improve the help system!  

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