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Promise Time Displays No Current Shift

In Thr!ve, your promise times can be manually controlled on the Customer Look up screen by clicking on the green box to the right of the screen.  (Learn all about promise times here!)

But what does it mean if that box displays "No Current Shift" instead of your expected promise times?

This simply means that you are not currently within any defined daypart hours.   Promise times are defined to default by daypart - breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. -- so if you aren't in a daypart, you have no promise times.

This can occur if you are looking at the screen after hours, or if you've defined your dayparts to have gaps in the time.   If lunch ends at 3:30 and dinner starts at 4:00, you've got a gap.  

To check this, navigate to Manager Home > Configuration > General > Store Setup.  The daypart hours are in the middle bottom.  Check each one to make sure no gaps exist.

Read more about defining your daypart hours. 

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