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Inventory Category Target Usage Report

The Inventory Category Target Usage Report is a nice summary of how you are doing in food cost at a category level.  This is particularly useful if you don't want to track every individual item.

To access this report, navigate to Manager Home > Reports > Inventory > Inventory Category Target Usage.

Enter your start and end dates and click Generate.

The report will appear below.

This report shows you the following for each category:

  • Usage - What inventory was used, either via system deductions or adjustments.
  • Received - what inventory was received via purchases
  • Target % - The target food cost % for that category.   Learn More about setting this up
  • Actual % - The actual food cost for that category based on your usage.  This will show in red if it exceeds the target.
  • Variance - The $ amount of the variance between target and actual
  • Ending Inventory Value - the amount on hand for the category at the end of the period.
Note:  Actual usage can not be accurate if you do not perform a physical inventory count.  You should run this report after posting physical inventory.

Use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to Print or export this report.

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