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Physical Inventory

Conducting regular physical inventory counts is an essential part of maintaining accurate inventory records. The system will tell you what you should be using; your physical inventory will tell you what you ACTUALLY used so that you can analyze where you may be off.

To record a physical inventory, select “Physical Inventory” from the Inventory main page.

Select the inventory cycle you wish to record. This allows you to specify that certain ingredients must be counted more often (weekly, for instance) while other can be counted less often (monthly). The cycles “roll up” so that your monthly count includes all your weekly and daily items as well.

If you wish, use the “Customize” button to select only ingredients of a certain category or vendor.

Once you select a cycle, the ingredients will appear sorted by location and then by ingredient number.  

If you wish to print a worksheet on your report printer to carry around and count with, check out the Physical Inventory Worksheet in Reports: Inventory.

When you have counted the items, enter the actual amount counted for each item. Be sure to enter the amount in the right measurement area.  

You may see ingredients listed in multiple places.  You can enter a count for each location and the system will add it to show the total amount on hand when calculating the adjustments.

The system will show a green check in the adjust column if your count matches the system on hand quantity. If not, a + or - adjustment will appear.

Once you have entered all the counts, press the “POST” button to save your changes and update the on hand quantity. This will record a "Physical inventory adjustment" for each ingredient.

Use the "View Last" button at the bottom to review and edit (with proper security) a prior inventory posting.

The most recent inventory posting can be edited by selecting the “Edit Last” button (with proper security). However once you post again, the previous posting is permanent.

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