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Printing Inventory Weights

To help your kitchen staff accurately prepare ingredients, print inventory weights on the production ticket for any item which has inventory ingredients set up. This can be particularly useful when you are introducing new menu items to the kitchen.

To turn this feature on:

Navigate to Configuration / Items. Select the Category or individual item you want to print weights for.

Click Edit, and select the link for Printing at the top.

Check the box for “Print Inventory Weights”. You may have to check the “override category defaults” box if you are modifying an individual item.

Save your Changes

Now, you need to turn this on in the printer ticket area. Navigate to Configuration/Printer Ticket.

Select Ticket Type:  Production and “Body”

Find the line that says Inventory Weights and click the "Active" button.

Save your changes.

Check the box for Print Inventory Weights. Weights will now be printed on the kitchen ticket.

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