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Managing Sales Forecast and Labor Budget

The Thr!ve POS system can help you forecast your sales based on historical data.  This forecast is used in several places, such as to help you schedule employees, or to forecast item sales. 

Managing Your Forecasted Sales
You can access the daily forecast from 2 areas.  The first is on the Manager Home Page, Weekly Sales & Forecast Graph.  If you don't see this graph, you may need to configure your manager home page to turn it on, if only temporarily. 

Click on Set Forecast to see what today's forecast is:

You'll see the calculated forecast.  The notes section will show you any daily notes that are relevant to the days which feed your forecast.  For instance, if your forecast is based on last year's same days sales, and last year was a heat wave, you may see this here to help you judge the validity of the forecast.

(Notice, it's not the same exact date, but the same day of the week that matters)

If you feel the forecast is incorrect, you can change it by entering a new amount in the "Change To" section and checking the box to activate.
Press save.

You can also access the Forecast from the Employee Schedule Daily view.  Navigate to Manager Home > Employees > Schedule and click on any day of the week. 

Configuring The Forecast Criteria
Click on Configure to change how your forecast is calculated.

You can choose to forecast based on last year's same day sales PLUS or MINUS a %.  Just click on the Plus to make it change.   You can also select the Last X weeks sales -- just enter a number to average.

If you select both, they will be averaged together.   Press save to update your forecast criteria. 

Setting Your Labor Budget
In addition to the forecast, you can set a desired labor % budget for each day of the week.  This is configured from your Manager Home page, Hourly Labor % graph.   If you don't see this graph, you may need to configure your manager home page to turn it on, if only temporarily.   

Click on Set Goal at the bottom of the graph.

Enter a labor % goal for each day. 

This is used in conjunction with calculated sales forecast to set a budget for labor scheduling.

Got questions you can't find the answer to here? Let us know so we can improve the help system!   

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