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Tips for Quantity, Ordering the same item many times

Thr!ve offers a number of options to help you easily manage ordering large quantities of items. 

When you order an item, you can use the + or - button to increment quantity by one. 

If you wish to change the quantity more quickly, click on the quantity # at the top of the item.  That will pop up the "Edit Quantity" screen and you can enter a precise amount.

If you regularly order certain quantities of items, you may want to put some shortcut keys on your menu for particular quantities or quantity increments.  You can set them for a specific quantity (like 25) or to add an amount (like +10). 

These buttons are "Menu Function" type Quantity buttons.  Learn how to set up these buttons here

Need to change quantity on a topping or included item? 
Just click on the green half to add, the red half to subtract.

Want to apply a coupon or discount multiple times?  Just click on the coupon line item to bring up the Edit Quantity screen. 

You can also control how items in quantity print.  Keep them printing individually, or group like items even when they aren't ordered in quantity. 

To control these settings, navigate to Configuration > Printers > Printer Ticket.  Select "BODY" and choose your Ticket Type (Production or Customer).

The Item Quantity line allows you to pick from these options:
  • Print All - will always print the quantity of the item 
  • Print > 1 - will only print the quantity if it is greater than 1
  • Print Individually - will always print items 1 at a time even if ordered in quantity
  • Print Group - will group like items with quantity even if printed individually. 

Got questions you can't find the answer to here? Let us know so we can improve the help system!  

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