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Retail Bar Code Scanning / Item Search

If you sell retail items, you may want to use a bar code scanner to easily ring up a wide variety of products.  Or, if you sell a large number of menu items, sometimes it's easier to search for the item rather than trying to find the right button to press.  

You can add an "Item Search" button to your menu to make this process easy!

How to Add An Item Search Button: 
Navigate to Manager Home > Configuration > Menu and select the menu tab where you wish to place the button.   Select an empty place on the grid to create the button. 

On the right panel, select Button Type of Item Search.
Set the properties of your button such as the size, color and graphic.
If you wish, you can limit the search to items in a certain category by selecting the category in the Search Options field. 

At the bottom of this panel, you'll see the "Search By" option.  Choose Name or PLU (if you will be using bar codes)

Click OK and Update Now.

How To Set an Item's Bar Code: 
Navigate to the Manager Home > Configuration > Items and select the item from the tree.  Click Edit.    The PLU# Field is the upper right field.  Put your cursor in the field and then scan the bar code.   Save your item.

NOTE:  The PLU # is also used for some online ordering systems (Let's Get and 3rd party systems) and central menu management.  Don't change the PLU # on items that are set up for online ordering. If you have questions about this please contact support. 

About Bar Code Readers:  Any standard bar code scanner that is compatible with your hardware device should work for scanning retail items.  You can usually use a USB device.  If you would like to purchase a compatible device please contact Granbury Solutions.

Using the Item Search Function:
In the POS, select the Item Search button you created.  In the "search prefix" box, type the PLU # or scan the item.   Or, if its a name search button, type the name.     Choose from the result below.   If only one item is found, pressing Enter will order it (Using a scanner will order it automatically)

  Got questions you can't find the answer to here? Let us know so we can improve the help system!  

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