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Add A Inventory Ingredient Recipe

“Recipe” ingredients are ingredients which you make from other ingredients, and then use as part of items that you sell. These are ingredients which you might make up in advance, and may have on hand during a physical inventory count. For example, if you make your own sauce, you may want to enter Sauce as a recipe to track its ingredients.

We’ll be associating ingredients with the items you sell later, so you don’t have to create recipes for every pizza or every sandwich quite yet. Just think of those things, like sauce, or your special cheese blend, which might be ingredients for many of your items, or may require preparation before being used in a final dish.

To enter a recipe, navigate to Inventory, and click on the "Enter Ingred (Recipe)" button at the bottom of the screen.

Ingredient Name: Use any name you like. Many screens show ingredients alphabetized so if you prefer to see meats, vegetables, paper products etc. grouped together you may wish to start the name with a code letter.

Item # Number: How you number your ingredients is up to you. If you have multiple stores, you should use the same number throughout for consistent reporting and management.  Especially if you plan to use multi-store broadcasting of item updates.

Location: This field lets you organize your ingredients by where they are stored in the restaurant to make it easier to count them in order. Go ahead and add a new location if needed.  You must select the location, and check the box next to it.  This allows you to select multiple locations for each ingredient.

Physical Inventory: For each ingredient, you can choose how often you plan to physically count it. Some high cost ingredients might be counted daily or weekly while others maybe just once per month. This will control what items print on the physical inventory counting worksheet.

Recipe Makes __ Usage Units: When you make up a batch of sauce, does it yield 64 ounces? Select the usage unit and quantity here.

Select Ingredient: Here you choose ingredients that you have already entered which make up this recipe. So for sauce, I might first choose Tomatoes—Canned.

Quantity / Measurement: For the ingredient, select how much of it is used to make one batch of the recipe.  You can enter this in any of the units associated with that ingredient.

Calculated Cost: This is a read only field which will display the cost of the recipe based on the ingredients you’ve selected

Category: This field lets you categorize your ingredients for reporting purposes. For example, some people like to summarize reports by meats, cheeses, vegetables, paper products, etc.  Go ahead and add a new category if you like.  You can also set a target usage % of sales for each category, that you can report on later.

Don’t forget to save your recipe!

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