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5 Tips for Working With Tickets

Here's some quick tips that will help you work more efficiently with your list of orders!

1.  Full Review from Orders Screen

If you've ever needed to browse through tickets to find the one with that Pepperoni & Anchovy pizza on it, you'll love the ease of the Full Review hyperlink.   No need to recall each ticket individually, just go to the Orders screen and click on the Total $ hyperlink.  

This will bring up the Full Review screen, where you can see exactly what is on the ticket plus lots of other pertinent details about the order. 

2.  Sort on the orders screen

Another way to help you more quickly find the order you are looking for is the orders screen sort.  Just click on any of the headers, like ticket # or order date, to resort the screen. Want to see the most recent ticket?  One click on the ticket # field will eliminate scrolling. 

3.  Advanced Filters

Still can't find that ticket you are looking for? Check out the advanced search options on the order screen by pressing the GREEN + button. This lets you search based on a customer name, phone # or $ amount. 

4.  Reopen a closed ticket 

If you've made a mistake in closing out a ticket, you can reopen it! Just click on the Full Review hyperlink (see #1) and then choose "Reopen Ticket".  This will clear out all the payment information (voiding any credit card data) so you can modify and finish just like an open ticket.   This is a secure function, and is tracked and reported on in the "Reopen History" area. 

5. Click on the Total Line for Full Review

If you've got an order open and on the virtual ticket, you can click right on the Total line to bring up the Full Review details at any time.  This is a great way to see what driver the ticket is assigned to, when it was originally ordered, who took the order, etc. 

  Got questions you can't find the answer to here? Let us know so we can improve the help system!  

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