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Table Service Status and Alerts

Thr!ve's table screen provides indicators and alerts to help you better manage your customer experience.   See at a glance which tables need attention - and what stage of service they are in.

Alerts are setup in Manager > Config > Order Types > Table. Read more about this process here.

When A Customer Is Seated At A Table:

When a table is seated, the indicator will display as a green thumbs up. This means that the table is still fresh and not yet at risk for waiting too long.

With your alerts set, if a seated table has no order placed after X mins the thumbs up icon will turn red. In this example we have our alert set to 10 minutes. This indicates that the guest has been seated for at least 10 minutes and has not been served.  Get those customers some drinks!

When An Order is Placed:

When you've entered any items on the table order, the icon changes from a thumbs up to a fork and knife icon. This indicates that the table has placed an order and there is an open ticket for this table.

Tip: If you click on the icon; the table's ticket will load in the virtual ticket area.

In this example we have an alert to indicate that 25 minutes have passed since their original order was placed. The icon will turn red and the table will have a highlight around it.   This may indicate to the server that it is time to bring the check.

If you hover over the icon; it will show how many people are seated at the table and how long it's been since their order has been placed.

Once The Ticket Is Settled:

Once the table is ready to pay their bill; you can click on the table to load the ticket and click settle, (or if they wish to split the ticket; click split) Once the table is fully paid out the icon will change to a dollar sign to indicate that the table has been paid for.

This indicates that the party at the table is probably about ready to leave, so your host staff can plan for the table to be available soon.   This also lets you indicate to the host that the table is not yet cleared and ready to be seated.  

In this example we have system set to alert you 15 minutes after the table has paid their bill.  The icon turns red to indicate to staff that this table is likely ready to clear.

Tip:  If you wish to skip the step of "clearing" the table, select "Auto Clear At Settle" in Configuration / Ordertypes / Table.

When the party has completely left the table and it is cleaned; you can clear the table in the system so that it can seat a new party.

Once you click the "Clear Table" button, the table will be completely cleared and available for a new party.

You can also  seat the table or place an order for this table and it will be marked as "Cleared" automatically. 

Got questions you can't find the answer to here? Let us know so we can improve the help system!   


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