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Transfer A Ticket Via Table Screen

Let's say you have a table of customers and they're going to be there for awhile; however your shift has ended.  You cannot leave the ticket open under your name. This can easily be taken care of by transferring the ticket to another server so they can take it over for you.

You will need permissions to do this function. You can check those permissions in Manager > Config > Security.

If you have the correct permissions you can transfer a ticket by navigating to the Table Screen.

Select the table you wish to transfer out of your service > This will load the ticket and a set of options at the bottom of the screen > Click on "Transfer".

A window will appear > Select from a list of available servers to transfer the ticket to > Click Transfer.

The screen will refresh and the new server will be reflected on the table.

Note:  The drop down list will contain employees who are clocked in to a job type which is configured to be "Eligible to be assigned tickets as a server".   (Configuration > Employees)

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