Break/Lunch Configuration

Tracking breaks and lunches is an important part of following labor regulations.

To configure your break settings, navigate to Manager > Config > Employees > Timeclock & Payroll.

Scroll down to the middle of the screen, you will see the options for break and lunch enforcement.

  • Clock Out For Breaks/Lunches: If checked, the employee will be required to clock out for breaks and/or lunches.
  • Default Break/Lunch Length: Set how long a break/lunch should last.
  • Paid Breaks/Lunches: Check if you want the employee to be paid for their breaks/lunches. It is usually customary to NOT pay an employee during their lunch break.
  • Dock For Long Breaks/Lunches: Check if you want to dock an employees pay after they have exceeded their break/lunch time that is specified in the length box. .
Be sure to save your changes when you are finished.

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