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Customer Setup Overview

The Customer Setup screen allows you to define basic functions on how your customer profiles are configured throughout the system.

To manage the customer screen, navigate to Manager Home > Configuration > Customers > Customer Setup.

User Defined Fields:

On the customer's profile there are 3 optional blank fields that allow you to add additional information if needed. For example cross streets or a gate code to get into a private area when delivering an order. If you select the "Print" checkbox, the field will print on the customer's receipt (You must also turn on "Customer Comment" in printer ticket configuration)

The fields will display on the customer profile as such.

If the customer has information that applies to these fields it can be entered in on these lines.

Customer Groups:

The Customer Group Feature is a powerful marketing tool that lets you assign customers to any categories you choose. 

Example: Many operators will do fundraisers for schools or community groups. You can allow customers to be associated with the group of their choice, and then decide if you wish to offer incentives based on totals spent by that group. You can also offer a discount or promotional price to only customers within that group.

Required For Lookup:

Checking any of these fields will make them required whenever you try to add a new customer. Users need to balance the need for quick data entry when taking orders with the need to create a complete customer database that you can use for marketing purposes in the future.
If zone is used for delivery charges but not required to save, you will be required to edit the customer and select a zone before a delivery order can be taken

Star Rating:

Customer star ratings are a good way to quickly identify your frequent super star customers. Star ratings are displayed on the customer’s profile.
The star rating goes up to 3 stars. Enter in the amount of orders that must be placed by a customer before they receive 1, 2, and 3 stars.

Other Options:

  • All Customers Approved For Checks: If set to yes, all customer's going forward from the point of saving this setting will be able to write checks. Setting this will not affect existing customer settings. To learn more on this setting click here.
  • Send Order Confirmations: If the customer profile contains an email address, this feature allows you to send email confirmations to the customer.
    Receipt At Order: Sends the email when the order is finalized.
    Summary At Dispatch: Will send the email when the order has been assigned for delivery.
    Both: Will send an email when the order is finalized and when dispatched.
    None: Will not send an email.

    To learn more about order confirmations and emailing click here.
  • Email Receipt Message: Allows you to include a short message in the email.
  • Disable Auto Select On Lookup: If set to yes, when searching for a customer and only one record is yielded, or the exact name is entered in to the search field; the customer profile will automatically be selected and load in the menu screen.    This can be disabled if you find the system is "auto selecting" the wrong customer based on a partial phone entry. 
  • Display Map On Order Screen: Displays the map next to an order in the order screen if set to yes.
Be sure to save your changes!

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