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Registers and Cash

The register and cash screen displays the status of all of the cash locations at a glance

  • Location: Displays the name of each cash location.
  • Cash Balance: Shows the current total cash balance in the location
  • Total Balance: Shows the current total balance of the location including all tenders.
  • Assigned To: Displays who the location (drawer) is assigned to.
  • Close Balance: If the location (drawer) has been closed the balance at the time of close will display.
  • Closed By: Shows who closed the location and on what date/time.
  • Reconcile Button:   Allows you to reconcile a closed drawer.
You may notice the cash locations are color code. 
  • Blue - indicates that a location has been closed but not reconciled
  • Red - indicates that a location is over the maximum desired balance.

Assigned To:
If there is an employee name listed next to a location, it means it is assigned to that employee. You can unassign an employee from a location simply by clicking on their name.

You will be asked if you want to unassign the cash location from that employee, click OK.

The employee will be no longer be responsible for that location.

If a cash location has been closed, you will have the option to reconcile the drawer.

Reprint Register Close:
This feature allows you to view and reprint historical register closes from any location.

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