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Credit Configuration

The Credit screen in Tax/Tender/Cash; allows you to setup and define your credit card processing system.

To setup your credit card system, navigate to Manager Home > Config > Tax/Tender/Cash > Credit.

Make sure the "Activate Integrated Credit Card Processing" check box is marked.

Select the credit card provider from the Processor drop down list. By default we have listed our preferred providers that offer a direct, secure, tokenized, integration. In this example we will be using Mercury Pay

Note:  PPI is the same as OpenEdge.    Verifone EFTPOS ANZ NZ refers to a New Zealand processor. 

Tip: If you are using a different credit card processor, you will need to process through our gateway, Cayan.   This processor will pass transactions to your processor.  See the list of supported processors.  You will need to set up an account with Cayan. There is a monthly fee for gateway processing - so consider one of our preferred processors for best rates!

NOTE:   PC Charge is gateway software that is no longer supported.  If you are processing with PC Charge, move to the Cayan gateway or a preferred processor immediately to avoid potential loss of transactions.  Most processors have discontinued support for PC Charge transactions due to security concerns.  

  • Card Present Merchant ID: Mercury will provide you with a key that you will enter in here.
  • Card Not-Present Merchant ID: Mercury provides you with this key which will be entered here.
  • URL: Enter in the Mercury URL which can be found on your setup sheet.
  • Port #: If you have not been given a different port number, enter 0 here.
  • Password: Enter your Mercury password here. Also found on your setup sheet.


After you have entered the processor's information, you can move on to the other options on the screen. These options are universal for any process you end up using.
  • # Of Credit Receipts To Print: Can print 1 or 2. Example: One for you and one for the customer.
  • Credit Receipt Font Size: You can make the font small or large.
  • Include Tip Line: Set to "Yes" to include a line for customers to add a tip.
  • No Signature Required On Transactions Under: Visa regulations allow for no signature under $25, Mastercard allows for under $50.   Check your merchant processing agreement confirm that transactions without a signature will not expose you to greater fraud liability. You can also chose not to print a receipt if you are not requiring a signature.
  • Print Delivery Credit Slips: Chose to have the receipt print at the time the order was placed, when it is marked for dispatch, or both.   It can be convenient to print the credit receipt when the driver is ready to leave so it does not get lost. 
  • Enter CCV # On Keyed Orders: For better security you can check this box to require the CCV code when an order is keyed in.
  • Define Station By PCC User: This option is for PC Charge users. It allows you to define a user id of each user at each station.
  • Archive Data After: By default the number is set to 1. Although our data is encrypted at the time of the swipe, and most processors support tokenized transactions, for added security you can choose to have all data archived after X days. If you chose to have this data archived, the customer will have to present their card if you need to perform a void.  
  • Activate Credit Processing On Batch Screen: If checked, you will be able to process a sale or credit without an associated ticket in the system.

Be sure to save your settings.

Got questions you can't find the answer to here? Let us know so we can improve the help system!  

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