Auto Clockout vs Auto Logout

Auto Clockout:
Auto Clockout Is a feature that will automatically clockout an employee if they have forgotten to do so themselves at the end of a shift. If they are clocked in for more than 16 hours; the system will clock them out and set their time to 0 hours. If this happens you will have to edit their time record to reflect the actual hours they worked. Learn how to edit a time record here.  Auto Clockout is defaulted to 16 hours and cannot be changed manually.

Auto Logout:
Auto Logout is a security feature that will automatically log an employee out of the system after they have been logged in for X amount of time. If an employee is logged out of the system; this does not mean they are clocked off.

To enable Auto Logout, navigate to Manager Home > Config > Employees > Timeclock & Payroll.

Midway down the screen click the box next to "Enable Auto Log Out".

Set how many minutes you want an employee to be logged into the system before they are automatically logged out.

TIP:  Set your time for higher than 3 minutes.  The system begins warning you at 2 minutes before auto log out, so any lower time limit will result in near constant warnings.

Save your changes. 

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