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Add Notes To A Customer Profile

The notes button allows you to view, edit, add, and delete notes for that customer. Notes are a handy way of keeping your employees informed. For example if a customer is highly allergic to onions or a VIP customer; you can put a note on their account that will display for anyone who looks at their profile.

You can add notes 1 of 2 ways, either through the manager portal or through the POS. To learn more bout adding notes to a profile in the POS click here.

To add a note, navigate to Manager Home > Customer.

Search for the customer you wish to edit > Click on their name > Click on Cust Details.

Click on the "Notes" button at the top of the customer's profile.

A new window will appear. Any previous notes will be shown at the top of the window. Click on "Add" to type in a new note.

Type in the new note, if you want this note to popup an alert every time the profile is viewed click the "Alert" box. Click "Save" when you are satisfied.

The note will be displayed above. To delete a note; click on the note to highlight it > Click "Delete".

The note will be removed from the profile.

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