Add/Remove Ticket Messages on An Item Or Order

When a customer places an order they may want to add special instructions or request such as lite sauce or heavy mayo. To learn how to create messages click here.

To add a message to an item or an order navigate to the menu screen.

Create the order. To add a message to one particular item, click on the item in the virtual ticket and click the "M" under the item or the "Message" button at the bottom of the screen (You may have to press "MORE" to see the Message button at the bottom of the screen).

The message screen will appear displaying a list of default messages that you have set up in the system. You can select from the list of messages or you can enter a custom message at the bottom of the box. Click "Apply" when you are finished.

If this is a delivery order, you can select the "Driver Alert" box to make sure the message will popup for the driver when the order is assigned to them.

The message will appear on the virtual ticket under the item you selected.

To add a message to the entire order you would make sure that no items on the virtual ticket are selected, then click the "Message" button.

The message will be display at the bottom of the order above the price.

Click "Finish" to complete the order.

Editing or Deleting A Message:
If you wish to edit or remove a message, click on the message on the ticket:

The Message screen will appear:

From here you can edit the message, or click REMOVE to remove it.

Tip: If the ticket has a status of Closed, you will not be able to remove a message.

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