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Hotel / Lodging Customers

When taking an order to be delivered to a local hotel, it s convenient to use the "Lodging" feature.  You can add a customer record of type "Lodging" so that the hotel's address will always be consistent.  When an order is placed, you'll be prompted to enter the customer name, room # and phone # for this particular order.  All orders will be tracked under the single hotel record, which makes it easy for you to recognize and reward hotels who refer guests your way.

See the Create A Delivery Order For Hotel Lodging for more details about placing hotel orders.

To create a lodging profile navigate to the Customer Screen.

Search for an existing lodging profile by clicking on the "Lodging" icon

OR, Click on the New button to create a new profile.

Click on the Lodging icon on the new profile screen. Enter in the Hotel's name, phone number, and address.   If you are currently taking an order, you can enter the guest name, phone and room # here, but it is not required initially. 

When you have entered in all of the information (other than guest info) save your changes.

When you have a customer who wishes to place an order for delivery and is staying at a hotel, do a search for the hotel's phone number or click on the "Lodging" icon to search for the hotel name.

Note: If your version does not have the Lodging icon, just put the hotel name in the last name field.

Select the hotel the customer is staying at and create the order. Once you have finished your order; you will be asked to enter in the customer's name, phone number, and room number. This will be added to the ticket but will not be added to the hotel profile.

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