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Require Drivers To Make Cash Drops

Although it is not required, it is best practices that you require your drivers to drop their cash on hand into a specified location when that have reached a certain amount of money. This ensures that the driver is not responsible for large amount of cash at any given time.

To set up this requirement navigate to Manager home > Configuration > Order Types > Delivery.

Under Driver Management click the drop down under Delivery Security Method. You will have 3 options.
  • Require Drop After Each Delivery: This will require the driver to drop their cash and/or credit card receipts each time they click "Return" when they come back from a delivery.
  • Require Drop At Limit: This will require the driver to complete a drop once the system knows they have reach a specified amount of cash. This is the most popular option.
  • None: This option will not require the driver to make a drop and the driver will be responsible for all of their cash on hand.

If you have chosen to require a drop at limit then you will need to set the limit below.

Every time the driver reaches this limit in cash/credit the system will require them to make a drop.

Be sure to save your changes.

To learn how to drop a driver's money click here.

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