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Creating Print Settings

Print settings are a convenient way to have multiple print types or location for multiple times of the day or different days of the week. For example: You can have a default print setting for normal printing and then for peak hours of the day you may want to have a different setting that includes an extra printer in the kitchen to account for how busy you are. To setup different print settings navigate to:

Manager Home > Configuration > Printers > Printer Station.

Add A New Printer Setting:
 click on "Edit Setting"

A new window will appear. Click on "New Settings"

Name your new setting and click "Save"

Your new printer setting will be available in the drop down.

Now that you have added your new setting you will need to configure it. To learn more about configuring your printer settings click here for the Printer Station Configuration article.

Edit Your Print Settings:
If you need to edit or delete your setting click on the "Edit Setting" button.

Select the setting from the drop down list.

You have the option to either rename the setting and save or to delete it.

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