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Creating A Job Requirement

Job requirements are helpful tools to make sure your employees are always current with specific law and health code requirements. For example a driver will need to provide insurance information in order to drive. You can set up a requirement for insurance that shows that they're up to date, and alerts you when they're close to expiring. Job requirements are tied to specific job types. To learn about job types click here

To set up a requirement navigate to the Manager screen > Configuration > Employees.

Under Job Requirements, select Add New from the drop down to create a new requirement.

A new window will appear. Name the requirement. You can also set how many days in advance you would like the requirement to alert when it's close to expiration. Click ADD

The requirement will now show in the drop down list.

Now that the requirement is created, you need to attach it to a specific job type. In this example we created an insurance requirement. The most logical job type to attach to would be a driver. To do this select the driver job type from the job type menu.

Select the Active checkbox to make this requirement active for this job type, and click Save Changes. The requirement will now be tied to the job type.

The next step would be to enter the employee's insurance information into the new requirement. To learn how to do this, you can read the Employee Requirements article. An easy way to check all of your employee's requirements at the same time would be to run the
Active Employee Report. You can also read the Add Requirements Expiration To Your Report.

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