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The reprint button is a quick and easy way to get a report on specific functions that can be done via the options screen, including paid ins, paid outs, account pay and gift card sales. To do a reprint navigate to the menu screen.

Click on the Options button; then click on the Reprints button.

The reprint screen will appear. Select a date you would like the review.

You have the option of viewing several reports for that day.

  • Account Pay: Allows you to review and print a receipt for house accounts have been paid on that day.
  • Gift Cert Sale: Review and print a receipt for a gift card sale
  • Paid In:  A quick way to review and print a receipt for a paid in made for the day.
  • Paid Out: Review and print a receipt for a paid out made for the day.

 To print a receipt for one of these transactions select the tab you wish to view and print from, then select the transaction  and click Reprint.

The receipt will print to the station's local printer and you will get a notification.

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