Modifying A Delivery Order

Once a delivery order has been placed a customer may need to make changes to that order. 

VIDEO:  Modify A Delivery Order

Start out by by recalling the delivery order from the orders screen.

Adding An Item To The Order:
If a customer calls back to add an item to the order, add the item.


The new item will be added to the order. You will see that the total amount of the order has updated.  However the credit card was previously authorized for the original amount. Click on the Finish button and the tender screen will appear.

Click on the previously tendered amount. You will be asked if you want to use the previous tender for the difference, or if you want to void the previous tendered amount.

Since you're just adding to the order you can still use the previous tender instead of voiding. However the credit card will show two separate transactions. The original one and the new one.

Note:  It is typically preferable to authorize a 2nd transaction on the card, as voiding an authorization may not immediately free up the funds in the customer account, sometimes making it difficult to get an 2nd authorization for a higher total. However, if you prefer you can void the original transaction, obtain the card number from the customer, and charge the full amount in a new authorization. 

If the order was paid with cash, the same process applies. When you click Finish, the tender screen will appear and you will click on the previously tendered amount. 
You will be asked if you want to use the previous tender, or if you want to void the previous tendered amount.

The new amount will be added to the total and the customer will pay the new amount.

An order can be altered after it has been assigned to a driver. The same process would apply, however we would advise the you unassign the order from the driver if they have not yet left the store.

Voiding An Item:
If you need to remove an item from a delivery order you can do so by recalling the order and voiding the item you no longer want.

Once the item is voided, the amount of the total will update. To update the credit card total click Finish.

The tender screen will appear indicating that a refund is due.

Click on the previously tendered amount. You will be advised that the amount will be voided against the tender type used.Once you click YES, the tender screen will update and show how much will be reduced from the pending payment.

Changing The Tender Type:
If the customer originally wanted to pay with one tender type; but then calls to change that you can do this by recalling the order from the orders screen.  Once the virtual ticket is loaded; click on the Finish button.

On the tender screen; click on the previously used tender.

You will be asked if you want to void the payment previously used. Click Yes.

The amount owed will update and you can now enter in the new payment.

Changing The Order Type:
If the customer decides not to have the order delivered and would rather pick it up or dine in you can change the order type by recalling the order in the orders screen. Once the virtual ticket is loaded; change the order type by clicking on the Delivery button.

Select the new order type the customer wants. Once the order type has been updated click the Finish button.

The tender screen will appear. The Submit button will now be changed to Pay. If you click Pay; the tendered amount will process and the ticket will be considered closed. If there is a delivery fee you will need to click on one of the previously tendered amounts to refund the fee.

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