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Register Drop

For security, and cash management reasons; it is best practice to perform a register drop to your main safe on all your registers throughout a shift. Especially if you've had a busy day. Employees will not have to keep up with large amounts of cash in their drawers. To perform a register drop navigate to the Menu Screen.

Click on the Options button, then click on Register Drop.

The register drop screen will appear.

The screen will display the register's name, estimated amount of cash in the register, the starting balance, and a recommended drop amount.

Select the location you want to transfer the money to. Best practices is to drop it in your main safe.

Enter the amount you wish to drop, click the tender type you are dropping, and click Register Drop.

Tip: You can also drop credit card slips so that the employee does not have to keep track of all of them.

The register will update with how much money is expected at the end of a shift so that the drawer will not come up short when counted. A receipt will print that the employee can place in the register for record, and a notification will let you know the drop has been made.

You can view the register drop report to see all the drops made for the day by clicking on the options button > Register Drop > Drop Report.

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