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Printer Settings

Printer Settings allows you to vary your printer configurations on demand.  For instance, if you have a busy weekend brunch where you use more printers at more make stations than during the week, you can set up a printer setting to accomodate that. 

This feature is available in Thr!ve version 7.8.0

Creating A Printer Setting:
Printer Settings are created in Configuration > Printers > Printer Station.   Click on the "Edit Setting" button to add a new setting.

From here, you can rename an existing setting, or click the "New Settings" to add a new printer scheme.

Once the scheme is created, select a station, select the printer setting, and assign the printers for each order type.  Save.  Repeat for each station. 

Activating the Printer Setting
When you are ready to use a different printer setting, in the POS, navigate to the Options Screen 

Choose the Printer Settings button:

Select the printer setting you wish to use, and change just your station, or all stations, to use it. 

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