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Smart Coupons

Smart coupons are coupons that have been setup in the system to be available when certain criteria in an order is met. For example; if a customer orders 3 large 2 topping pizzas, you can offer a coupon for each pizza to be reduced in price. The restrictions on these coupons can be as detailed or vague as you need them to be. To learn how to set up coupons click here. To apply a coupon navigate to the menu screen.

Once you have created the order click on the Options Button.

In the options screen, click on the Smart Coupons button.

The coupon screen will appear with a list of applicable coupons and promotions. If the items in the virtual ticket do not meet any criteria of the coupons you have setup then nothing will show in the list.

Select the coupon that best fits the order and it will be added to the virtual ticket. You can learn more about different types of coupons and how to apply them to your order in the Coupons / Discounts category.

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