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Misc. Charge

There may be a time when you need to charge a customer for an item that is not tied to a menu button. You can add a miscellaneous charge to an order by clicking on the Options icon then clicking on the Misc. Charge button.

Tip: You cannot add a misc. charge to a empty virtual ticket. You must have at least one item in the ticket first.

The misc charge screen will appear.

By default the description will say Misc. Charge, you can change this or add to it. Add the amount of the charge and click Add To Order.  The virtual ticket will update with the amount. The charge will not show on the ticket as an item but as a charge made after your order total, so you will not be able to remove the charge from the ticket unless you clear the entire ticket.

Click Finish when you are done with the order.

Tip:  You can configure the tax rate for Misc. Charge in Configuration / Tax by selecting the "Use for Misc. Charge" box.

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