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Configuration:  Manage Configurations


The Manage configurations screen enables the user to save elements of the system configuration and to load previously saved elements.   Select the elements to save, and press the Save to File button.

Fields on this screen:

Field Name

Help on this field

Send to Stores If system is configured as a "Master Store" this button will appear.   This will allow you to "broadcast" certain changes to all store systems.    The following configurations can be sent: 
  • Items
  • Menus
  • Special Offers
  • Instant Message
  • Inventory

Select one or more of these boxes and press "Send to Stores" to update store systems.

Note: Stores must be configured and synced with identical PLU#s.  Do not send data to stores without confirming that they are properly synced or you could overwrite their menu incorrectly!

Export Items to XML

This button allows you to export your menu items with prices to an XML format for use by your online ordering company.  

You will have the option to export Topping Items and Non Topping Items.  Export both these files and save them as .xml files on your computer, you can then e-mail them to your online ordering company.

Import Database (Button / Screen) The Import function allows you to import key databases.  These include:
  • Customer (.csv file)
  • Zip City (from RapidFire Systems)
  • RF Customer (from RapidFire systems)
  • Employee (from RapidFire systems)
  • Streets (ACH street format)

When importing, do so in the above order to ensure no duplication of city and zip data.  

For general customer import, the ".csv output" option in Manage Customers will provide a template for the columns your customer file must have.

When importing streets, it is recommended that you clear out existing zone, section and grid values so that the street database does not duplicate these values.  The street database must have the following columns in this order: Street Direction, Street Name, Upper, Lower, Zip, Grid, City, Zone (optional), Address2 (optional), Suburb (optional), latitude (optional), longitude (optional), delivery point ID (optional), vendor ID (optional), distance (optional).   ALL values will be set to the system Default State and Section, so make sure these are properly set by selecting them in the Config / Orders / Phone Orders area and saving that screen.

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