Voiding An Item On A Saved Ticket

If you need to remove an item from a ticket that is open but saved you can void the item from the ticket. To do this navigate to the orders screen.

Select the ticket you wish to edit and click on the ticket number.

The ticket will load in the menu screen. Click on the item you wish to remove from the order. You will notice that the + and - signs on the item are disabled and the void buttons have become available. Click on Void.

The Void Item box will appear.  Select whether the item was made or unmade (for inventory purposes), enter or select a void reason, and click "Void".

The item will remain on the ticket however it will be crossed out and the total will update.

Note:  Voiding an item requires proper security. If the logged in employee does not have the right security clearance, a manager override will appear at void.

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