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Apply A Discount

Discounts are preset amounts that can quickly reduce the price of a a ticket with a specific dollar or percentage amount. To learn how to create discounts click here.

To apply a discount to an order navigate to the menu screen and create your order.

When you have completed your order click on the "Discount" button at the bottom of the virtual ticket or you can click on the D at the bottom of the item on the ticket.

You may have to press "MORE" to see the "DISCOUNT" button at the bottom of the ticket.

Tip:  One of the advantages of the "discount" offer type is that you can apply security to accessing the discount screen.  This can prevent employees from using 100% off comps and other aggressive discounts.    If an employee does not have access to the discount screen, a manager override will appear.

The discount screen will appear. You can select the appropriate discount from the list. In most cases the options will include a preset percentage or a particular dollar amount off.

You also have the ability to setup a discount that allows you to enter in the amount manually.

Once you have entered the discount and clicked "Enter" it will be applied to the order.

Tip: If you do not have permissions to apply a particular discount %, you will be asked for a manager override.

To avoid mistakes; a discount  can be setup with specific rules such as not combining with other offers, or only applying when a specific item is added to the order. If you try to add a discount that is not applicable you will receive an error.

If a discount has been added by mistake, you can simply remove it by clicking on the discount.

Set the quantity to 0 and click "Apply."

The discount will be removed from the order.

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