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Apply A Coupon Via Coupon Code

Savvy restaurant operators print coupon codes on their coupons to track different media sources and ensure the validity of the coupon.    Coupon codes can also be used to apply salesbuilder loyalty offers without looking up the customer first.

To apply a coupon using a code, navigate to the menu screen.

Create the order and click on the Options button.

In the options screen click on coupon.

Type the coupon code into the text box. As you're typing a list of coupons associated with that code will appear.

Click on the coupon that matches the code and it will be applied to the order.

If the code does not match a coupon that is in the system you will receive an error.

Of course, these coupons may also have other restrictions, so be sure to order the proper required items before applying the coupon code.

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