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Settle A Ticket Via The Orders Screen

When your restaurant does table service with server banking, tickets aren't typically closed at a register.  Instead, servers will settle the tickets throughout the night, and then run a "close shift" at the end of their shift to account for the money they owe.

In Thr!ve, any order type which is configured to "Show in server details"  (Configuration / Order Types) can be settled rather than closed at a register.    However, the settle feature is only available if server banking is activated (Configuration / Order types / Table). 

To settle a ticket navigate to the Orders Screen.

Find the ticket you wish to settle and click on on it. The "Settle" button at the bottom of the screen will become available.

Once you click on the "Settle" button the tender screen will appear. Here you can pay out the ticket and click "Settle"

The ticket will now be in settled status.

The money for this ticket has not been added to the register.    You must complete a server close to close the ticket and transfer the tenders.

If you need to unsettle the ticket you can easily do this by going to the order screen > Find the ticket > Click on the total amount >  Click on Unsettle in the full review screen.

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