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Reopen A Closed Ticket

If you have the proper security levels; you can reopen a closed ticket. To do this navigate to the orders screen.

Locate the order you wish to open, click on the ticket amount.

The full review screen will appear. Click on the "Reopen" button.

A warning will appear, advising you that if the ticket is reopened, it will no longer be settled, and the tendered amount will be voided. Click "Yes".

The ticket will load in the menu screen and will be considered open.

The "Reopen History" button will log details of any time a ticket is reopened.

NOTE: If you reopen a prior day's ticket to modify it in some way, any sales # changes will be reflected on THAT prior day's reports.  However, a tender refund and/or new tender amount will affect TODAY's cash management totals.   

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