Pre-Paying for A Pick Up Order - Video

General practice for pick up orders is for customers to pay when they arrive to pick up the food.  By paying with a swiped credit card, you will get the "card present" rate and lower your processing costs.   However, sometimes clients wish to pre-pay over the phone.   Or, for large deferred orders, you may wish to obtain the credit card information in advance. 

Thr!ve allows you to pre-arrange pick up orders when you take the order on a non-register station.  (If you are on a register station, any payment will close the order to that drawer immediately).   You can only pre-arrange with a credit card.  This will keep the order open, so be sure to recall, finish and hit 'Pay' when the customer picks up the food to close the order and record the tender type in that drawer.

For deferred pick up orders, you can pre-arrange a credit card on any station.  This will store the card token on file, in a "deferred" state. When the order goes live, it will process the card. 

Here is a video that explains the pre-arranged pick up order process. 

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