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Finish & Tender Configurations

The Finish button & Tender Screen in Thr!ve behaves differently based on several factors:

  • Order type
  • Is your station a register station   (Config /General/Station Setup)
  • Is server banking activated  (Config / order types / Table)
  • Does the order type allow for "Save of Open Tickets"  (Config / order type)
  • Does the order type allow to "Show in Server Details"  (Config / Order Type)
  • Does the station's drawer require assignment, if so is it assigned.
This article is designed to outline what is expected based on various combinations of settings.

Dine In, To Go, Drive Thru, Eat In, Bar orders:

  • Finish will always go to the tender screen
  • Pay Later will appear if the order type allows for "Save of open tickets"
  • Tender Types, Pay will appear if the station is a register station. 
  • If you are a non-register station, no Pay or tender types are available.
  • If you pay later, ticket is saved as an open ticket.   
  • Paid orders are be saved as a closed ticket, tender increases register totals.
  • Open tickets appear in server details as per "Show in server details" configuration. 

 Delivery Orders

Delivery orders are handled a bit differently as their tender is "Pre-arranged".  This can be done on any station and results in an open, pre-arranged ticket.

  • Instead of Pay / Pay Later, the green Submit button appears
  • Tickets are  saved as open
  • The tender is not added to any register total
  • Upon driver return, status changes to settled
  • Upon driver close, status changes to closed and tender is added to a cash location
  • If the ticket is already pre-arranged, FINISH goes to tender screen where you can change the tender type, or just hit SUBMIT to continue with same tender.

Deferred Delivery Orders

  • Any credit card payment should remain as "deferred" when the order is placed.
  • All tender types are available.
  • Order status is deferred.
  • Order actual date will update when the order becomes live. A new ticket # is issued at that time, and the credit card runs at that time. 
If the DSROD flag (Config / Order Type / Delivery / Deferred Sales Report On Day) is on, different behavior occurs:
  • The credit credit card will run immediately. 
  • The order will report on the day the payment was received
  • No new ticket # will be issued on the day the order becomes live.

Table Orders:

When server banking is on:

    • If "allow close to register" is on, user is on a register station, Finish gives you the option to Pay or Pay Later. 
    • Not a register station - Finish = directly submits order, skipping the tender screen.
    • If "allow close to register" is off, register or non register, Finish = directly submits order, skipping the tender screen.

When server banking is off:

    • If "allow close to register" is on, user is on a register station, Finish gives option to Pay or Pay Later
    • Not a register station - Finish = Tender screen, Pay Later is option
    • If "allow close to register" is off*, register station - Finish = direct to submit, bypass tender screen 
    • Not a register station - Finish = direct to submit, bypass tender screen.

*This would be a nonsensical configuration as you could not close table orders in this situation.

"Settle" option from the orders screen

  • Uses tender screen with Pay Later or Submit option
  • Does not matter if it is a register or non-register station
  • Order status as "Open / Settled"
  • No cash location balances  update for this ticket.


Pick Up Orders:

On a Register station:   Pay or Pay later. 
  • Pay closes the ticket and puts tender in the associated drawer. 
  • Pay later leaves ticket open.

On a non-register station:

  • Finish goes to tender screen. Option to Submit or Pay Later
  • Credit tenders are all that is available.

Submit will keep the order open, with a pre-arranged credit card, similar to delivery order. 
No cash location balance should update at this time.
Recall this order on a register station, Finish, Submit to close the order to that drawer.  Now the cash location balance will update.

Deferred pickups

  • Finish goes to tender screen. 
  • If DSROD is off, only credit tender is available, and  it goes into "deferred" state. Other tender types are not available.
  • If DSROD is on, and you are on a register station,  any tender is available and credit will run / cash balance will update
  • If DSROD is on, and you are on a non-register station, pay later is only option 
  • Pay later is an option.


  • Voiding an open ticket can happen from any station
  • Voiding a closed ticket should happen from a register station, as a refund needs to be given and should record out of this drawer. 

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