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Apply A Coupon Multiple Times

Some coupons can be configured to allow a customer to use it multiple times on one order. For example, you have a coupon for 1 large pizza for $9.99 and the customer wants to purchase 2. To do this first create the order. Once the order is complete click on the coupon button or Options > Smart Coupons.

Find the coupon that applies to this order.

The coupon will be applied to the order and the total will update accordingly.

Since the customer has ordered 2 large pizzas you can apply this coupon a second time. To do this click on the applied discount line in the order and a new window will appear.

You can use the + or - sign to increase or decrease the quantity of the coupon. > Click Update .
The new coupon quantity will be applied and the order total will update.

Click "Finish" to complete the order. 

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