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Add Requirements Expiration To Active Employee Report

There are some cases where you will need to send a report that includes an employee's requirement expiration dates.

A good example is a manager needs to send a list of employee's expiring insurance dates to his insurance agent. 

First you must make sure that your configurations are setup correctly so that it will display on the report. You can do this by navigating to Manager Home > Configuration > Employees.

  1. Select the job type you wish for these requirements to display on. Since you are wanting to show insurance expiration dates you will need to do this on drivers.
  2. Select Insurance from the job requirements drop down.
  3. Select Active
  4. Save your changes. 
Tip: Repeat these steps for any other requirement you want to show on the report, such as drivers license expiration date.

Now you can go run the report. This can be done by navigating to Manager Home > Reports > Labor > Active Employee List.

Click "Generate". Once the report is run click "Customize". This will bring up a list of options you can add or remove from the report.  Find Requirements Expiration from the available fields section and add it to the report > Click Save.

Tip: You can narrow your report by adding only drivers to the report.

The report will refresh with the requirement expiration field.

You can export this report or print it and send it to your insurance agent.

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