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Create A Cash Drawer

To create a new cash drawer that can be assigned to a station navigate to Manager Home > Configuration > General > Station Device.

  1. Click the "Cash Drawer" box.
  2. Select "Add New" from the Select Cash Drawer dropdown.

Select Cash Drawer: Select the type of drawer you have from the drop down list.
Drawer Name: Give your drawer a name, such as "Station 1 Cash"
Drawer Label: Enter a drawer label.   Can be the same as the name
Drawer Port: Specify the port that the drawer is connected to. This is typically LPT-1 for parallel drawers.
Default: Check this if it is the default drawer for this station. Each register station must have at least one drawer marked as default, or use a drawer attached to another station.
Require Assignment: If checked, this drawer can not be used until it is assigned to an on-the-clock employee.  (Except for employees who have the security setting to override register assignments)

Other Drawer: This feature allows 2 stations to share 1 drawer. First setup the cash drawer on the station that it is attached to. Now go under Config, General, Station Setup, and make your station that you want to share the drawer as a cash location, then go under station device, select the station, then click other drawers and select the drawer that you want the station to access.
Be sure to always save your changes.

You can now assign the drawer to a specific station. To learn how click here.

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