Supported Credit and Gift Processors

Thr!ve offers several options for integrated credit and gift processing. 

Direct Integrations to our preferred partners are the most cost effective and technically advanced solutions.
  • Vantiv (now WorldPay).   100% encrypted, tokenized direct integration.      Includes Vantiv Gift.   EMV option.   No additional charge to process.
  • Open Edge.  100% encrypted, tokenized direct integration.  Includes Open Edge Gift.  No additional charge to process.
  • Cayan  (now TSYS).  100% encrypted, tokenized direct integration.  Includes Cayan Gift.   Monthly Gateway fee.
Our gateway solution gives you the flexibility to work with your choice of processor.   Gateway processing offers 100% encrypted, tokenized integration, with no additional software to install.   There is a monthly charge to process through the gateway.   Platforms supported include:
  • First Data Nashville
  • First Data Buypass
  • First Data North
  • Global east
  • RBS WorldPay
  • TSYS
  • 53rd / Vantiv
  • Elavon
  • Chase Paymentech
  • First Data Omaha
  • Heartland
  • Cayan
Please ask your processor if they can process your account on any of these universal platforms.

Gateway Gift processors include:
  • Givex
  • Valuetec
  • Valulink (First Data’s proprietary gift)
  • Smart Transaction Systems (STS)
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