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Station Setup Overview

To setup general station configurations navigate to Manager Home > Configuration > General > Station Setup.

Select the station you wish to edit.

  • Station Name: This name will identify the work station and appear on various reports.
  • Station IP: Enter your station's IP address.
  • Is This a Register Station: If set to "Yes" tender functions will be available and a cash drawer can be associated to this station. If set to "No" you will not be able to tender orders on this station.
  • Valid Order Types: Allows you to specify which order types can be taken on this station.
  • Default Order Types: If set, all orders will default to this order type. A user can still change the order type if there are other valid order types set. 
  • Default Floor Plan:  If table layout is active, lets you specify which "room" to default to for this station.
  • Default Screen: Allows you to select a screen to default to when logged onto a station.
  • Remote Authorized: If checked, this indicates that the station can be used as a "remote" station license, changing its IP address from a remote location in order to login. Any in-store POS stations should NOT have this checked; the "remote" and "support" stations SHOULD have this checked.

Be sure to always save your changes.

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