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Pay An Order With Multiple Tender

If a customer wants to split the cost of an order between two different tender types this can be done by navigating to the menu

Create your order > When you are satisfied with the order click "Finish"

In the keypad; enter in the first amount you would like to pay then click the tender type you would like to pay with.. In this example we will pay with a credit card and cash.  Click swipe to swipe the card, or enter the credit card information and click process.

Once the card has been processed the tender screen will update with the remaining total and the first tender payment up above.

Enter the remaining tender amount in the keypad and click "Cash." This will apply the remainder or the total and click "Pay."

The order will be complete and the tender screen will close.

This method can be applied as well to using two different credit cards in the same way. Enter the first amount and click "Credit" > Swipe or Process the card > Enter the remaining amount and touch "Swipe" or click "Credit" again > Process the card and the order will use both cards to complete the transaction.

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