Release 7.3.0

Major Enhancements:
  • 372: Road Wages: We have added the option to add road wages to an employee.This wage will override the base wage when an employee clocks in as a driver for the time period when the driver is dispatched on a delivery. These wages will reflect in the new Driver Payroll Report. 

    Read the Road Wage Article
  • A security option for editing a driver's calculated mileage has been added to Manager > Config > Security > Delivery Functions.
  • 928: The ability to edit a driver's mileage has been added. If you have the proper security you can edit a driver's mileage via the driver's status

  • 987: You also have the ability to edit the driver mileage via the Payroll Details report.

    Read the Edit Driver Mileage article.
    Read the Edit Driver Mileage On Payroll Details Report

  • 1326: The quick navigation buttons and the options button at the top of the screen have been replaced with icons. Options is now a gear icon, orders is a clipboard icon, menu a fork and knife icon, and a quick button to the dispatch screen has been added in the form of a car.

  • 953: Support for Mercury M-Token processing.   We've enhanced the Mercury Payments credit integration to support Mercury's proprietary MToken card encryption and their encrypted card readers.   The system will detect which encryption is in place - Mercury or GRS, and respond accordingly.
  • 106: Simplified void tender process.  Now, if there is a single tender on the ticket, any full or partial void will automatically apply to that tender, bypassing the tender screen.  If the ticket has multiple tenders, the user will still be required to select which tender to refund.

New articles and Walkthrus have been released in the Thr!ve knowledge base.

  • Add Requirements Expiration To Your Reports: Found in Reports - Customizing Your Reports
  • Add A Tip Via Driver Close Process: Found in Delivery / Dispatch
  • Apply A Coupon Via Coupon Code: Found in Coupons / Discounts
  • Apply A Discount: Found in Coupons / Discounts
  • Apply A Smart Coupon: Found in Coupons / Discounts
  • Assign A Bank To A Server: Found in Table Service
  • Changing Your Default Order Type: Found in Config - General
  • Close Server Shift: Found in Table Service
  • Close Register: Found in Options Screen
  • Configuring Your System's Email: Found in Config - General
  • Create A Cash Drawer: Found in Config - General
  • Create A Deferred Order: Found in Options Screens
  • Create A Delivery Order For Hotel Lodging: Found in Menu / Ordering
  • Creating A Job Type: Found in Config - Employees
  • Create Print Settings: Found in Config - Printing
  • DayPart Hours: Found in Config - General
  • Declare Tips At Clock Off: Found in Time Clock Screen
  • Dr!ve Overview: Found in Dr!ve
  • Drop Server Cash: Found in Table Service
  • Edit Driver Mileage: Found in Dispatch
  • Edit Driver Mileage On Payroll Details Report: Found in Reports - Labor
  • Email: Found in Options Screen
  • Email A Customer Receipt: Found in Orders Screen
  • Email Receipt And Order Confirmation: Found in Config - Customers
  • Employee Requirements: Found in Manager - Employee
  • Enroll A Customer In SalesBuilder Loyalty Program: Found in Customer Screen
  • Full Review: Found in Options Screen
  • Hotel / Lodging Customers: Found in Customer Screen
  • Manage Ticket Numbers: Found in Config - General
  • Misc. Charge: Found in Options Screen
  • Modify A Deferred Order: Found in Menu / Ordering
  • Modify A Delivery Order: Found in Menu / Ordering
  • Modify A Delivery Order - Video: Found in Menu / Ordering
  • Modify Tender Type On A Delivery Order: Found in Menu / Ordering
  • Non-Tax Sale: Found in Options Screen
  • Open Drawer: Found in Options Screen
  • Open Drawer: Found in Reports Cash
  • Order Screen Overview: Found in Orders Screen
  • Paid In / Paid Out: Found in Config - Tax/Tender/Cash
  • Paid In / Paid Out: Found in Options Screen
  • Register Drop: Found in Options Screen
  • Reopen A Closed Ticket: Found in Orders Screen
  • Reports Payroll Details: Found in Reports - Labor
  • Reprints: Found in Options Screen
  • Require Drivers To Make Cash Drops: Found in Config - Order Types
  • Sell A Gift Card: Found in Options Screen
  • Server Status Overview: Found in Table Service
  • Settle A Ticket: Found in Table Service
  • Smart Coupons: Found in Options Screen
  • Split Tickets: Found in Options Screen
  • Station Setup Overview: Found in Config - General
  • Store Hours: Found in Config - General
  • Store Setup Overview: Found in Config - General
  • Transfer A Ticket: Found in Table Service
  • Voiding An Order On A Saved Ticket: Found in Menu/Ordering

  • Add A Tip To An Order: Found in Menu/Ordering
  • Changing Delivery Fee: Found in Configuration - Employees
  • Changing A Driver Fee: Found in Configuration - Employees
  • Changing A Driver Fee Method: Found in Configuration - Employees
  • Charge An Order To A Customer Account: Found in Menu/Ordering
  • Create New Job Type: Found in Configuration - Employees
  • Make A Payment On A Customer Account: Found in Options Screen

Other General Enhancements:
  • 145: We have enhanced the non-integrated gift card options. 
  • 1122: We have added the "display as topping item" requirement to the "Item Sales by Interval" report and the "Department Sales Store Summary" report. Anytime the item is selected as a requirement it adds to the quantity sold line.
  • 1353: Modified highlight color throughout Thr!ve to yellow for consistency and easy identification.
  • 1287: A tender type column has been added to the credit card batch screen in Management > Cash to help identify which tender type was used and to help with searches.
  • 985: You can now unsettle a ticket from the full review screen.
  • 702: When promise times are updated in your Thr!ve POS; they will now update in Let's Get. 
  • 1079: Although you have always been able to add lodging profiles (hotels/motels), we have enhanced and improved the overall process for better workflow.

    Read the Hotel/Lodging Customers Profile article
    Read the Create A Delivery Order For Hotel Lodging article
  • 871: We’ve implemented the ability to designate whether a coupon is eligible to appear on the smart coupons page. We have implemented the checkbox for this feature however the functionality ni the swill be available in a later release. 
  • 1115: We have enhanced the workflow process when creating fractional pizzas.  Now, specialty pizzas can be in the "overall" with topping modifications on the 1st half and 2nd half.
  • 1349: The Auto Update Manager Alert has been temporarily removed.  We have reconfigured the update process and will restore the auto update feature soon.  In addition the offsite backup process has changed.  It will still run automatically, but you can initiate a backup manually by clicking on the link from Manager Home.
  • 1132: When creating a new menu; the PLU # will be defaulted to the menu ID #
Thr!ve POS Issues:

  • 1017: Customers were experiencing an error when using a decimal in a percentage off discount.For example 2.5% off.
  • 1031: Orders containing a % discount were not always calculating taxes properly. Taxes would round up by .01. 
  • 1145: If a user has multiple tax structures and a discount was applied on top of an order with sales tax and VAT tax,the Vat tax was not calculating correctly.
  • 1135: The coupon text on a virtual ticket was overlapping and hard to read. This has been fixed.
  • 1079: Addressed issues with saving a customer's lodging information.
  • 1080: Customer were having issues with selecting an alternate address for an order.
  • 1245: When a user unassigned a returned delivery order it was removing the settled amount from the order. This has been resolved.
  • 1249: The sorting order of drivers was keeping the driver with the least amount of deliveries at the top of the list. This has been corrected to properly rotate drivers. 
  • 936: When delivery promise times were set to 60 minutes or higher, the orders were automatically displaying as late in the delivery screen.
  • 1169: Addressed an issue where users were getting an error if a delivery order was placed between the hours of midnight and 1am.
  • 1161: When changing the tender type on an assigned delivery order was causing cash variances.
  • 988: Some users were experiencing issues with their menu tabs when their tabs were set to only show on specific days. The day was off by 1. This has been resolved. 
  • 1234: When a user tried to perform a register drop, it was not allowing them to complete the drop when they chose a tender type. This has been addressed, as well as added a confirmation popup to let the user know the drop has been completed.
  • 1110: If a user clicked on the Split Ticket function and there were no items in the virtual ticket, the user would receive an error.
  • 705: When voiding an order, the reason/inventory question was recording made even if un-made was selected.
  • 869: In some cases; when a user selected the order type Delivery and then selected a customer the order type was not recognizing that a customer was selected. 
  • 1146: The message button was not functioning properly when applying a message to an entire order instead of just one item.
  • 1155: Some customer were not receiving their receipts via email when sent from the full review screen.
  • 1113: Addressed an issue where recalled - saved tickets were allowing the user to edit the quantity of an item in the split ticket screen.
  • 1156: If an order was placed after 12am the "Since Ordered" column in the orders screen would show a 24 hour time difference.
  • 1092: Some users were experiencing issues with selecting an item on the menu and the default style not applying. 
  • 1157: In some cases users were experiencing issues with ticket numbers. All ticket numbers would print as #1 after 2am.
  • 1106: Users were getting an error when they tried to log into the support help portal from Thr!ve.
Thr!ve Online/Thr!ve POS:
  • 1131: Fixed an issue where if an item on the Thr!ve Online menu was ordered, however that same item was not on the POS menu, the item would not display correctly on the virtual ticket in the POS.
  • 1343: In some cases, Thr!ve Online was importing multiple prices for a single size.

Resolved Issues in Thr!ve Backend:

Browser Compatibility:
  • 801: When using Chrome, some users were having issues reconciling their registers. 
  • 938: When using Chrome, some user were unable to view the calendar in the employee schedule page to select a different date.
  • 1049: Addressed issues where users were having an issue saving a new revenue center in Dept>Category>Item Setup.
  • 1237: If an order type was set to NOT allow for pay later (Config > Order Types > To Go > Allow save of open tickets > Set to No) an order would become stuck and not allow the user to complete a transaction, this has been resolved.
  • 1096: Users were experiencing save issues when setting up requirements in Manager > Config > Special Pricing, and selecting an and/or option.
  • 1261: Users were getting an error when trying to save topping based pricing for a category that didn't have a defined size.
  • 1231: In some cases, when a user tried to add an inventory item; they would get an error stating that a UPT value was required. This has been resolved.
  • 1268: In some rare cases the system was summing up an employee's day and shift together. This only happened in the rare case that an employee's backend ID was the same as the backend shift ID.
  • 1102: Addressed an issue where the employee schedule daily view was not showing when an employee was unavailable on Sundays.
  • 1019: When a user selected "exclude size" from a fraction, the box was not remaining checked after exiting the screen.
  • 722: The administrative password at times was forcing the user to reset before the expiration date.
  • 931: Addressed an issue where the Driver Performance Report was not calculating the correct percentage that an employee was on the clock as a driver vs a different job type.

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