Release 07_02_06_06


Dr!ve Driver App: 

Thr!ve now supports integration with Dr!ve, our driver app!  This app gives your drivers a list of assigned orders, with easy navigation and important information about the order, such as coupons and messages.   When the driver arrives at the delivery address, the actual arrival time is recorded, and if the customer paid by credit card, they can sign for their order and add a tip.     In your Thr!ve POS system, you'll see the driver location at all times on your In Process map, and you'll see arrival times recorded on the In Process screen. 

Dr!ve is a subscription product that can enhance your delivery service. If you would like to learn more, please visit www.granburyrs.com/thrive-drive. 

Other General Enhancements:
  • Automatic Updates to Thr!ve Online:  Thr!ve and FireFly customers using Thr!ve online will now enjoy automatic updates whenever changes are made to menus, items, coupons and other settings that affect online orders.   This will happen every time you save a configuration.  We've added an option on the Store configuration screen to allow you to turn this off if you prefer to send updates on your own schedule (by "importing" from within Thr!ve Online)
  • Driver Payroll Report:  The new Driver Payroll report consolidates important payroll and mileage tracking information on one report.
  • Inventory:  Added a Usage Per Thousand (UPT) option.  This allows you to specify the expected usage per thousand $ in sales for any ingredient.  This is a shortcut to obtain "ideal usage" without connecting each ingredient to a sold item.   The Inventory Ideal Usage Report has an option to report based on UPT.
  • Inventory: Integrated with JMC for ingredient import, Purchase order submission and receiving invoices.
  • Inventory:  Removed the "Edit Last" feature in inventory and replaced it with "View Last" feature.  The "Edit Last" function could cause discrepancies and confusion.   Changes to inventory posts should now be made with "Adjustments".
  • Customer Accounts: Thr!ve now supports the ability to charge orders to a customer or house account. These accounts are configured for individual customers in Backend / Manage Customer. Customers can make payments on their account balance via Options / Account Pay.
  • 105:  Order type requirements have been combined into a single dialog box.
  • 158: You can now change the table #, tent #, and the # of people in the customer block of an active order
  • 631: Improved the responsive spacing of the Driver Dispatch screen so that long addresses work better.
  • Coupons have been enhanced to enforce the "Max # of times to apply per order" configuration setting.
  • 590:  Discounts have been enhanced to work better with tax included in price items.
  • 586: Enhanced the Timeclock function to allow employees to print their schedule
  • 145: Enhanced functionality of non-integrated credit and gift cards, allowing users to select specific credit tender types and to enter a manual gift card tracking #. 
New articles and Walkthrus have been released in the Thr!ve knowledge base.

  • Adding A New House Account: Found in Manager - Customer
  • Alternate Address: Found in Customer Screen.
  • Charge An Order To A Customer Account: Found in Menu/Ordering
  • Dr!ve Overview - Video: Found in Dr!ve
  • How To Clock In: Found in Time Clock Screen
  • How To Clock Out: Found in Time Clock Screen
  • How To Request Time Off: Found in Time Clock Screen
  • How To Take A Lunch: Found in Time Clock Screen
  • How To Take A Break: Found in Time Clock Screen
  • Import Your Drivers: Found in Dr!ve
  • Link A House Account To A Customer: Found in Manager - Customer
  • Log Into Dr!ve App: Found in Dr!ve
  • Reading Your Messages: Found in Time Clock Screen
  • Register A Driver: Found in Dr!ve
  • Link A House Account To A Customer: Found in Manager - Customer
  • Make A Payment On A Customer Account: Found in Menu/Ordering
  • Manually Charge A Customer Account: Found in Manage - Customer
  • Manually Credit A Customer Account: Found in Manager - Customer
  • Sending Messages To Employees: Found in Time Clock Screen
  • The Big Red X: Found in Orders Screen
  • View Your Schedule: Found in Time Clock Screen
  • View Your Time Records: Found in Time Clock Screen
  • Clock In: Found in Time Clock
  • Clock Out: Found in Time Clock
  • Requesting Time Off: Found in Time Clock
  • Return From Break: Found in Time Clock
  • Return From Lunch: Found in Time Clock
  • Take A Break: Found in Time Clock
  • Take A Lunch: Found in Time Clock
  • View Your Schedule: Found in Time Clock
  • View Your Time Records: Found in Time Clock

Thr!ve POS Issues:

Browser Compatibility:
  • 889: Addressed an issue where orders for inventory were not posting in Firefox and IE.
Credit Cards:
  • 677: Resolved an issue where if a credit card authorization failed > clicked "Cancel" > ran the card again > the order would be submitted but the card would be considered as "not authorized"
  • 710:  Resolved an issue where credit card tenders could be applied from a non-register station
  • 483: Resolved an issue where customer profiles were not saving correctly if the profile did not contain a current address
  • 600: Resolved an issue where you could save an alternate address with no information
  • 688: Resolved an issue where changing a customer address after an order was placed would not update properly for that order.
  • 160: Custom entered void reasons were not saving  / reporting properly
  • 493: Fractional pizzas with no size selected was not processing correctly
  • 531: Requirements within requirements were not always working properly if the items were not on the menu
  • 588: Resolved an issue where recalling a "pay later" order and cashing out was not printing the order receipt
  • 636: The timestamp on an order was not being updated properly when a deferred order was modified, causing modifications to not report to N2K
  • 556: When performing a partial void on a ticket where the change at the time of the tender was added as the tip, the void amount was not calculating properly
  • 747: When voiding an item on an order additional toppings were not updating the price correctly
  • 641:  Solved an issue that allowed an order submit failure when an incomplete item was on the ticket. 
  • 685: Resolved an issue that prevented a requirement option to work if it only had 1 choice
  • 708: Resolved an issue where reorder from last order recall includes change due.
  • 637: Restructured logic to ensure that deferred, non-delivery orders are not pre-paid incorrectly. 
  • 772: Addressed an issue with ticket numbering related to multiple deferred orders coming live as the first order of the day
  • 867: In some cases; when doing a void or partial void the system was not indicating to the user how much should be refunded to the customer. 
  • 856: Addressed an issue where cash drawer was opening when a void was processed. 
  • 937: Fixed issues with prompt for price items, including quantity pricing issues and cancellation removing the item from the ticket.
  • 923: Addressed an issue with signature capture on the rear display.
  • 940: Resolved an error that occurred when a manager override is required for voids.
  • 1043: Addressed an issue where if an order was recalled, saved, and then closed the recorded order date would update to the day it was updated instead of the day the order was actually placed.

Employee Messages:

  • 691: If an employee read a required message but did not send a confirmation, the clock in button was being removed from the timeclock; preventing an employee to clock in at a later date.
  • 544: Resolved an issue where drivers without the proper security level to unassign a delivery were still able to unassign a delivery.
  • 681:  Resolved an issue where drivers could not return themselves if they did not have all security privileges
  • 683:  Resolved an issue where certain characters could cause errors on login

Issues in Thr!ve Backend:

  • 667: Changes in Configuration > Delivery Area were not always saving properly
  • 616: Delivery charge types were not saving properly if you switched from flat fee to charge by zone. 
  • Changes have been made to most configuration screens to block features that are not applicable to Thr!ve
  • 765: Customers were experiencing some issues saving zones. This has been resolved.
  • 538: Removed previous customer credit card information from customer details
  • 635: Setting up coupon groups in Configuration > Special Pricing was not saving properly in Chrome.
  • 642: Solved issues related to editing street database entries
  • 686:  Resolved issues related to the Menu configuration option not appearing for some users.
  • 887: Addressed issue where customers were getting a invalid size/style error when an item on the menu was setup as a non topping base item for a inclusion.


  • 602: Resolved error in Inventory > Received


  • 541: When navigating to the customer account statement report via manage customer the report was not filtering properly
  • 576: Store summary report was not exporting to excel properly
  • The Item Sales report was reporting a difference in gross vs. net on items that have an offer applied where the offer is set to "Do not report as a special offer"
  • 489: Data transfer to N2K resolved issues with gift card tenders.
  • 541: When navigating to the customer account statement report via manage customer the report was not filtering properly
  • 576: Store summary report was not exporting to excel properly
  • 728: Resolved a reporting issue related to posting a deposit after midnight on Saturday, week end.
  • 981: Offers which apply to multiple items on the ticket were not reporting correctly.


  • 539: When editing a customer in Manage Customers, an error was occurring due to the loyalty card information. This has been resolved
  • 540: Creating and associating a new customer account in Manage Customers was not saving properly
  • 900: In some cases; users were unable to edit customer profiles.

Employees / Schedule:

  • 587: California OT were not appearing on schedules properly
  • 537: Employee availability on Sundays were not displaying properly

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