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Reading Your Messages

Employers can send important messages to their employees. If a message has been sent and it is marked as "Required" an employee will not be able to fully clock in to the system until they have read their message.

When you try to clock in and you have a message; once you enter your pass-code or finger scan a window will appear stating that you have a required email message.

Click on the "Read" button.

A new window will appear with a list of any messages that have been received. Click on the message you wish to read.

Once the message is read, you can either delete it or send a confirmation that you have read and understood the message.

Once you have read the message you will be able to clock in. You can do this by clicking the close button on the email screen and it will return to the clock in keypad.

At any time you wish to return to your emails you can click on the Email button on the main screen.

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