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How To Request Time Off

To submit a request to take some time off click on the "Time Clock" button.

The keypad or finger read will appear. Enter in your pass-code or place your finger on the reader to clock in.


The time clock options screen will appear. Click on the "Time Off Request" button.

Enter in the date you would like your time off to start followed by the the time you want it to end. You can also write a message. Once you have completed your time off, click "Submit"

Your time off request will appear on the manager home screen under "Manager Alerts" as well as on the employee's profile under Manager > Employees.

Once your manager approves or rejects the request, you can expect to get an internal or external e-mail, based on your system set up. 

To learn more about time clock options you can read the articles in the Time Clock Screen area.

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