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Void An Order Paid With Credit

There may be some cases where a customer will place an order, pay for the order, and for any given reason the entire order will need to be voided and a refund will need to be issued. To void an order navigate to the orders screen.

Locate the ticket you wish to perform a void/refund on by doing a search.

You can click on the ticket # and it will load the ticket in the menu screen.

Once the ticket is loaded in the menu screen, select an item so that it will highlight > the void buttons will appear > Click "Void All"

Tip: Voiding is a secure function. If the cashier doesn't have authorization to void, a manager override will be required.

A window will appear asking if the item was already made or unmade (for inventory purposes) and the reason as to why you're voiding (for reporting).  Once you have given a reason click "Void Entire Order."

Once you click "Void Entire Order" the screen will refresh and the order will be voided. A window will appear advising you of the amount of money that will be voided and returned to the customer's credit card.

If you go back to the orders screen and search for the order you will see the updated amount to be $0.00 and that it is closed/voided.

Refunding A Prior Day Order

If a customer needs a refund on an order from a prior day, where the credit card batch is already settled, the procedure is the same. 

  • On the orders screen, use the date picker to find the order from that prior day and recall it. 
  • Void the order as normal. 
  • Press Finish and the credit card will refund.
If you were to recall the ticket again, you would see the refund indicated like this: 

In your credit card batch, you should see a "Refund" transaction: 

Prior day refunds can be confusing when you look at your reports.   Because the void is occurring on an order that took place on a prior day, it will adjust that prior day's sales totals and the void will be reported on that order's business day.  The void report will show the current date and time as the "Void time".   Keep in mind that your credit batch total will be less than today's total credit sales because of the refund. 

Because prior day voids can lead to accounting confusion and can be a large security risk, a special security setting applies.  This setting is "Refund closed ticket from prior day".  We recommend that you limit this only to qualified staff who understand the accounting implications. 

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