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Update Your POS System

Check Your Version:
To see which version you are currently on navigate to Manager > Configuration > General > POS Version.

Update Your System:
TIp: Updates can only be performed Sunday 9pm -Thursday 6am, and only if there are no open credit card batches.
  1. Log into the system with a user that has the security level to "update software"  (Check Config > Security for this setting)
  2. Navigate to Manager Home.  If any updates are available, you'll see an alert in the Manager Alerts section. 


Tip: If the Manager Alerts tab is not on the manager home screen then you can add it by clicking on "New Content" > check the "Manager Alerts" checkbox > Save > Refresh your screen.     Check the "Customize" button next to Manager Alerts to make sure that the "Software Update" option is active.  Learn More about Manager alerts.

Click on the Update hyperlink.


Review the information on this screen.
  • A minor update is indicated by a version change in the last digit (i.e. from 7.6.0 to 7.6.1). 
  • A major update is indicated by a version change in the middle digit (i.e. from 7.6.18 to 7.7.0)
Do not run an update in the middle of business hours, when other stations are taking order on the POS system.  During the update process, the system will be unusable.  We recommend that you update before open or after close, and give yourself plenty of time to run the update.   Update times vary based on the size of your database, the speed of your hardware and the size of the update, but leave at least an hour for the update to run to be safe. 

Tip: You can click on the "Release Notes" button to learn about updates and features in this release.

When you are ready to begin, click the Upgrade button.  You'll see progress on the screen as each component is updated. When complete, you'll see the success screen.

Once the update is complete; reboot each station by navigating to Manager Home > Exit > You will be taken to the desktop > Click on System at the top of the screen > Shut Down

> Restart. The station will reboot and the install will be complete.

Got questions you can't find the answer to here? Let us know so we can improve the help system!   

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