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Phone Orders - Delivery Area (Google Maps)

Using Google Maps to verify your delivery areas is a powerful tool. You must first tell the system that you want to use Google Maps instead of Street Database by going to Configuration > Order Types > Delivery > Select "Google Maps" from the "Delivery Area Method" dropdown. Save your changes.

Once you have activated Google Maps navigate to Configuration > Order Types > Delivery Area to set up your areas.

To start defining delivery areas use the tools at the top of the map.

  • The hand icon moves the map around.
  • The square allows you to draw areas in the form of a square
  • The circle allows you to draw areas in the form of a circle.
  • The lasso allows you to draw areas in free form.
Select the tool you wish to use, click and hold the mouse button on the map and draw your area. Once you have let go of the mouse button a popup will appear allowing you to name this area.

Tip: If you have setup your delivery fee to charge by zone then you will not be able to name the zone, however you will be able to select from a dropdown of available zones or have the option to create a new one. See the Delivery Fees Using Google Maps article for more on fees.

Once you have saved, your new zone will show up on the right of the screen, displaying the delivery charge attached to this area and the mile radius.

You can repeat these steps to enlarge your mile radius per zone.

Be sure to always save your changes.

When entering a new customer, as you type the street address, suggested addresses from Google will appear for you to select from. If this address is not part of your delivery area, a warning will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Now that your zones are defined, anytime an order is placed for delivery; the customer's address will be verified automatically. If the customer is outside of the delivery zone you will receive an alert stating they are not in the delivery area. A manager can override this alert and allow the delivery by entering in their password.

To Change Delivery Fees Per Zone:
You can have each zone charge a different delivery fee by navigating to Configuration > Order Types > Delivery > Delivery Charge Method. To read more on delivery fees; see the Delivery Fees Using Google Maps article.

KML Export:
Once you've drawn your delivery area using Google maps in the Thr!ve POS system, you can export this as a KML file to import into your Lets Get online ordering system. This can be done by clicking KML Export

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